Terms and Conditions

Dear Customer,

Below are the broad terms and conditions for accepting any purchase order by our company. We will review all the documents carefully and let you know if we need any additional documents or whether you qualify for the purchase of the product you need.

1. Documents needed for USA manufactured products :
For semi-auto pistols/Rifles, we need :
1) Valid Dealership or import license attested by Notary Public. In some cases, we may ask for Government certification. 
2) BIS711 END USER CERTIFICATE filled in by Customer. Form can be downloaded from the website of the US commerce department. Fill this form carefully, answering all questions, sign and stamp column 6 only.

Other Documents.

  •  Purchase order on your letter pad, 
  • Copy of the Govt issued ID card of the owner,
  • Copy of the passport of the owner if available.

Once the documents are approved by us:

We will need a 30% deposit payment to confirm the order.  Balance payment will be required before shipment.

FOR Other products manufactured within the USA territory and by USA origin companies overseas, we will advise on the required documents on case to case basis. 

Our Usual Payment terms are Wire transfer,  Cash deposits in Advance, or CAD for previously known customers.

$500  Licensing fee may be applied on some orders.  

If you have any questions, you can chat on Whatsapp +1 240 817 4300 

2. Documents needed for Taurus and other out of country products:

For SEMI-AUTO Rifles, I need :

1) DEALERSHIP LICENSE certified by the Government ministry. 
2) END USER CERTIFICATE filled by Customer, Sample attached.

i need both these documents in Original. scan me the documents before sending the original by courier.

For semi-auto pistols, I need :
1) Dealership LICENSE certified by Notary Public. 

 purchase order on your letter pad, 
copy of the ID card of the owner
copy of the passport of the owner.

Once the documents are approved:

I will need a 30% down payment.  Balance 2 weeks before the guns are ready for shipment.
All guns will ship directly from the  Factory 
Full payment will be required before shipment.
I can give you a proforma invoice for the bank contract, however, the amount in the contract can be applied to other purchases or returned back to you. we will need full payment before shipment. 

If you have any questions, you can chat with me on Whatsapp +1 240 817 4300


Our regular payment terms are Payment in Advance by Wire transfer/Cash deposit in the bank.

However, we can accept CAD terms with some know customers, through a bank contract with your company/bank. 

When you open the bank contract Or LC,   discuss the following with them

if your bank sends the bank contract through you, We will send the payment claim documents to you by courier for payment and you will submit the documents to the bank.

if the bank wants payment documents submitted through a bank, then we must receive the bank contract through any of the banks operating in the USA,   We will then submit the payment documents through the bank in response to the bank contract. 

Third-Party documents are permitted.

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We do not retail. We wholesale to FFL dealers only.